• Grinding Equipment for Processing CaCO3     /14-12-20

    CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) and its usage: Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with the formula CaCO3. It is a common substance found in rocks in all part soft...

  • Multi-head Classifier of Grinding Equipment Successfully Tested     /14-12-17

    Multi-head classifieris the key component that our company products are used in micro grinding equipment. This classifier machine for up to six months after my company public relations efforts, the successful completion o...

  • What are the Illite Applications     /14-12-12

    Illite is nearly ten years to the development and utilization of non-metallic minerals, with potassium-rich, high-alumina, low iron and smooth, bright, delicate, heat and other excellent chemical and physical properties. ...

  • How Grinding Mill Grind Stone/Rock Into Powder     /14-12-05

    Grinding mill (grinding equipment) is neccessory machinery in mining industry. But there are still some customers do not know how the grinding mill work, how the device make stone/rock into powder.Today we are going to re...

  • Shanghai Clirik Wins High Popularity at Bauma China     /14-11-26

    The seventh bauma China held in Shanghai, China, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. as a famous China grinding mill supplier , of course takes part in it. Yesterday was the first day of it, but we had made a great achiev...

  • China Grinding Mill Supplier Distribution     /14-11-13

    China Invasion has become a hot topic these years. China has vast territory, abundant resources and huge labor population. Made-in-china has become a brand, quite low price brand with good quality. In grinding field, ther...

  • CLIRIK will Take Part in bauma China 2014     /14-11-07

    Introduction of bauma China: Bau means construction in Cerman, and ma means machinery, equipment. So attached both of them means engineering machinery. Because its pronunciation is very close to baoma, people call them ba...

  • Desulphrization Powder Grinding Mill     /14-11-07

    Desulphrization powder grinding mill is one of our hot sale products. With vehical exhaust increase, desulphrization development pays an important role in environmental protection. Desulphurization powder grinding mill is...

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