• Grinding materials of Clirik ultrafine mill     /15-09-11

    HGM series ultrafine mill is the new type mining equipment for making micro powders, fine powders,which is widely applied in the industries of metallurgy, mining, chemistry, cement, construction, refractory materials, c...

  • Advantages of vertical roller grinding mill to make desulfurization limestone powder     /15-05-06

    Vertical roller grinding mill techniques to make desulfurization limestone powder Limestone powder as desulfurizer FGD process required by the solid limestone - dissolving liquid two-phase reaction, the reaction rate is p...

  • The gap between China grinding mill and foreign grinding mill     /15-04-14

    Ten years ago, China grinding mill have many insufficient aspects compared with foreign grinding mill . After a decade, have China grinding mill raised? 1, no large China grinding mill The past ten years, as the market fo...

  • HGM168 China grinding mill-the world largest ultrafine grinding mill     /15-04-02

    China grinding mill , HGM168, the world largest capaicty ultra fine grinidng mill , researched and produced on 2014 and take trial run successful on 2015. HGM168, China grinding mill is a kind of dry ultrafine grinding mi...

  • Shanghai Clirik grinding mill equipment promote environmental protection     /15-03-16

    Shanghai Clirik spares no effort to interpret social responsibility, provides advanced grinding mill equipment. As one leader of china grinding supplier, Clirik will spare no efforts to enable customers to maintain market...

  • China grinding mill move to the forefront of world science and technology     /15-03-01

    Ultrafine grinding mill technology is accompanied by modern high-tech and new materials industry and developed a new crush engineering technology, has become one of the most important mineral processing technology industr...

  • Mining Grinding Mill Types     /15-01-26

    There are many grinding mill types in mining field. As one of China grinding mill supplier, here we would like to introduce the mining grinding mill types. ...

  • Workflow of Calcite Grinding Mill     /15-01-26

    Calcite belongs to hexagonal. its chemical composition is CaCO3, the most important carbonate minerals, which has full rhombohedral cleavage, shiny glass, transparent to translucent, plain white or colorless, hardness 3.0...

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