How to solve the environmental protection problem of micro powder grinding mill?
The environmental protection problems of the micro powder grinding mill are mainly dust and noise, and water pollution during wet pulverization. So how should it be solved? Today, the editor of Clirik made a detailed answer to this question. I hope it will be helpful to friends who buy micro powder grinding mills.
Dust problem. In dry micro powder grinding mill, there is more or less dust problem. Because of the fine particle size of the feed port, discharge port and fan seal, it is easy to fly out of poorly sealed places. The solution is to use a negative pressure system as much as possible, use a good sealing pulverization equipment and fine classification equipment, and install a dust removal system in the pulverization workshop to ensure clean production of the workshop, which is harmful to pigments, dyes, fiber powders and toxic materials. Powder is more important.
micro powder grinding mill
Micro powder grinding mill all have certain vibration and noise, especially for vibration mills and ball mills, the noise reaches 120dB. If necessary, special isolation boxes or isolation rooms are provided to isolate the grinding equipment. Some low-noise ultra-fine pulverizing equipment have been developed, such as tower mills and agitating mills. However, the ultra-fine crushing environment is harsh and different industries have different requirements. In the mining, refractory, coal industry and other industries, the conditions are relatively poor, and in the pharmaceutical and food industries, they need to be clean. However, it is imperative to reduce noise.
Wet micro powder grinding mill, no matter what process is used, especially in the industries of fine ceramics, powder metallurgy, inorganic non-metal materials, water, oil or alcohol can be recycled. This requires water or oil to be filtered after dehydration (or oil), and it can be recycled for use in the absence of contamination of raw materials.
Micro powder grinding mill is a unit operation in many industrial productions. Environmental protection issues should be comprehensively considered in specific working conditions. The above is the solution we have given to the environmental protection of the micro powder grinding mill. If you have any questions about the micro powder grinding mill, please feel free to call us at: 008613917147829.
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