What are the equipment of the mill production line?
Different types of mine production equipment have limited processing capacity, so in order to complete the material processing process, a complete production process needs to be configured. Here we are going to analyze the problems of the types of equipment included in the mill production line.
A complete mill production line is composed of multiple devices. The grinding mill is the core equipment. Other equipment is determined according to processing design and processing requirements. Regardless of the configuration, it is important to select the right equipment. The complete set of mill production equipment includes: feeder, crusher, micro powder grinding mill, screening machine, conveyor belt, etc.
micro powder grinding mill
Crushing: First, the ore is crushed by the crusher. The ore is a brittle and fragile mineral. The crushing equipment can be a jaw crusher or a hammer crusher. After the raw material is crushed, the specified particle size can be obtained.
Screening: The feed of the milling equipment has a specified feed particle size. In order to prevent large materials from being blocked by the mill and causing blockage, it is necessary to control the crushed products. At this time, screening is required.
Grinding: The grinding stage is the core link of the entire production line. Different micro powder grinding mill equipment can be selected according to the fineness requirements of the finished product. The pulverizer uses the grinding roller to grind the finished product to the specified particle size, and then enters the powder separator. The qualified fine powder enters the cyclone powder collector with the airflow and is the finished product. The large-particle materials fall back to the regrind.
micro powder grinding mill
As the core equipment of the entire production line, the ore pulverizer is the "main force". The whole machine is mainly composed of grinding rollers, grinding rings, blades and blade seats, fans, and analysis machines. Equipped with different ore mills, Raymond mills have a grinding fineness of 80-325 mesh, and HGM micro powder grinding mills have a grinding fineness of 20-800 mesh, which can be combined with the requirements of the material to select the appropriate grinding equipment , The right equipment is the premise of profit. The ore pulverizer can grind ore raw materials with a humidity of less than 6% or a little higher. The humidity cannot exceed 10%. If the water content is high, the small output can be naturally dried, and the dryer needs to be added for large output.
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