Factors which Can Influence the Grinding Mill Grinding Size
As we all know that the ultra fine grinding mill can be used in more than 200 kinds of different stone materials 300-2500 mesh powder grinding. And according to your different fineness choicen of finial powder size, the capacity will be different. Generally speaking, the more finer powder we need, the less capacity stone powder we will get. Besided this, do you know what factors can influence the ultra fine grinding mill powder fineness size?

Grinding Mill Rotational Speed of Main Unit

When the rotational speed of HGM ultrafine mill is too high or too low, the coarse or fine powder will be transported to the discharge outlet too early, therefore influencing the fineness of the material. We need to adjust the rotational speed by adjusting the current of motor for the HGM ultrafine mill.

Grinding Mill Rotational Speed of Blower

For the lighter material, if the wind force is too strong, the powder under the requirement of fineness will also be blew into the powder collector while for the heavier material, if the wind force is too small, it will also influence the discharge. The rotational speed will directly influence the wind force, which naturally becomes an important factor.

Grinding Mill Degree of Wear for the Grinding Roll and Grinding Ring

During the normal operation, the grinding roll and the grinding ring will not be contacted directly. As time goes by, the degree of wear for the grinding roll and grinding ring increases. If the material cannot be ground fully, the fineness of finished product will be influenced and the coarse particle will increase.

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