Clirik CLUM Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill
CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill is the latest research and development results of Clirik's technical staff. Continuous research and innovation on traditional mill technology have led Clirik's technical staff to develop ultra-fine and environmentally-friendly vertical roller mill. The milling equipment has entered a new stage. Our vertical ultrafine milling machine was launched on the market, and it has been welcomed by customers.
Features of CLUM Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill:
1. With the function and effect of powder separator.
2. It is a combined equipment of powder selection, grinding and mill, which can replace the traditional ball mill. To ensure that one machine can be used for multiple purposes to reduce energy consumption and equipment investment.
New development of calcium hydroxide digestion system for limestone deep processing equipment: Subverting traditional digestion technology New development of calcium hydroxide digestion system for limestone deep processing equipment, subverting traditional digestion technology.
ultra fine vertical roller mill
Clirik CLUM Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill
[Diameter of grinding disc]: CLUM1000 ~ 2400
[Raw material moisture]: ≤5%
[Production capacity]: 3-40t / h
[Finished product fineness]: 3-45μm with secondary classification can reach 3μm, 2μm D90 powder accounts for about 40%
[Product Features]: Set crushing, drying, grinding and conveying in one, break through ultra-fine powder processing capacity bottle
The power consumption of this industrial digestion system solution for the production of industrial-grade calcium hydroxide is the low energy consumption of many equipment and production lines. The power consumption for producing calcium hydroxide is 18-23 degrees / ton (depending on the difference in the effective calcium oxide content). Using the heat of digestion, the water temperature of the system is heated to about 80 ° C in 5 minutes, which speeds up the digestion speed and milling rate. The whole digestion process is 35-40 meters long and takes 100 minutes to complete the digestion.
Clirik has a CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill for processing multi-mesh limestone deep processing equipment. There are also other types of complete sets of limestone deep processing equipment production lines. For the complete set of limestone powder deep processing equipment, please contact mobile phone: 18001642498. We provide you with a complete set of high-value-added limestone deep-processing equipment production line to create stable economic benefits for you.
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