New Technology Powder Mill Machine Superfine Vertical Roller Mill Machine
There is a new technology stone powder mill machine appeared in the early 2018, this mill machine can be widely used in many different industries, such as: mining, chemical, paper making, cement industry and other industries, and when it was used in mining industry, it can dealing with more than 300 kids of different minerals powder grinding, it’s name is CLUM superfine vertical roller mill machine, in this article, I will mainly introduce what’s the advantages the vertical roller mill has.

superfine vertical roller mill

1.More Widely Grinding Range: the superfine vertical roller mill has a more widely process powder fineness range, generally speaking, the first process by the superfine vertical roller mill can be up to 600 to 1250 mesh; after the second classification, the finish powder fineness can be controlled in 1250 to 3000 mesh; however, if you use the wet method to process limestone powder, the finest powder fineness can up to 3000 to 10000 mesh.

2.Widely Use: Due to the processing of ultra fine mill fineness is far more than other types of milling machines, so for many large self-made providers, the superfine vertical roller mill can be more widely used in paper making, plastics, rubber, paint, artificial stone and other manufacturing industries.

3.Besides these, the superfine vertical roller mill has a higher grinding efficient, and the drying capacity is also stronger; and as one of the large size grinding equipment, the power consume is about 20%-30% less than other powder making machines, and the service life can be extend 10-20 years.

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